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The basic principle of our Affiliate program is as simple as exchanging cryptocurrency in our system. If you recommend us to your friends and acquaintances, we will credit you a provision in BTC amounting to 21% in 5 levels deep of the fee charged for the exchange (our software performs the exchange in that stock market which suits you best).

Why does it work?

As we know from the feedbacks of our customers, CoinCharlie provides them what it has promised before: quick, transparent and easy exchange, sale and purchase. Your friends and aquaintances will like and regularly use our website

What should you do?

You only have to share your individual referral link with those ones who would be happy if they could make use of this fantastic opportunity. It is advisable to give that link to them which you have received from us. They are advised to click on this link.

How can you gain information of your provisions?

In our affiliate program, we lay great stress on transparency. In your account, you can easily and quickly get a view of your provisions.

When will you get Commission?

Your provision will be credited automatically in BTC after each transaction made by your friend. You can access your commission at the end of the month (if the amount of your commission reaches the EUR 50, -).
You can send your commission to any crypto wallet; you can store on your CoinCharlie wallet or you can exchange it to Fiat money as well.

Would you like to start it right away?

To join the CoinCharlie Affiliate Program, you only have to register on the website (only in that case if you haven’t done it yet) and give details of your intentions and expectations in your account.

You can find the detailed terms of contract here, it is worth taking a closer look at them because they contain a lot of useful information and practical details (for joining, you have to accept them).


Please, click on the registration button, use a valid email-address and a strong passsword. By doing so, you can take the first step towards automated and quick exchange, sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies.

KYC (Know Your Customer) means customer identification. According to a statutory provision, you can only use our exchange services after undergoing a customer identification. It is exactly defined in the corresponding statutory provision what kind of identification is needed in case of certain amounts of currency.

Of course! We grant you freedom: you can even have an external wallet, but you can also get a cryptowallet which is easy to manage.

You only have to click on the „enter” button and indicate your email-address and your password. That’s all and you can start (if you have forgotten your password, you can ask for a reminder sent to the given email-address).

As soon as the money transferred by you have arrived, the exchange process is started (almost immediately) and the right amount of money will be credited on your account. Transfer is carried out immediately within Hungary. If transfer is initiated in a foreign country, it takes 1 workday. It depends on the strain of the Coin network how fast the cryptocurrency you have bought arrives at your account.

No matter if it is a FIAT-cryptocurrency or a cryptocurrency-FIAT direction, we always use the exchange rate at the date when the sum arrives.

The Virtual Currency Service licence will ensure credibility and suggest that you can rely on us since we even comply with the strictest standards and our activity is continuously monitored by the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit).

Yes, because our insurance protects you and there are no nasty surprises.

You can contact our customer service in Hungarian and English language on the website [email protected]. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours.