Unfortunately, online scams, scams and “rip-offs” are on the rise.

So many people fall for the “nice words”, the promise of huge returns and the chance to make money fast.

Unfortunately, this is doubly true: what is too good to be true is 99.99% of the time not true.

At CoinCharlie, we place great emphasis on security and protecting our customers. We use a wide range of “smart” software and our staff are well trained.

However, the most innovative software and the best trained staff are worthless if the customer doesn’t know what signs to look out for and how to spot a scam or fraud.

This is what this series of articles aims to help you do. From time to time, new articles and information on how to navigate the online space, how to spot the dodgy and what to do about it will be added to this page. And where to ask for help and what to do if something goes wrong.

We believe that the information contained here can help everyone in the crypto space and other areas of online life, as well as in offline reality, whether you are a beginner, an advanced or a “black belt” user.