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Being your crypto-expert, we know that you don’t want to make things too complicated.
We have created a special platform where you can arrange everything simply, fast, safely and transparently.

Your comfort ranks first in every single respect:
if you want, you can keep using an external crypto wallet, but you can also store your cryptocurrency at us.

The reason why you should choose CoinCharlie

Quick, automated sale and purchase

Everything that is quick in CoinCharlie is also simple. The exchange process is completely automated and you will not suffer any exchange rate losses resulting from the manual exchange because the sending date is taken into consideration when performing the exchange. FIAT can even land on your account within a few seconds and you can use it immediately.

EU-licence: even more comfort

Another key of your comfort is that we work in a regulated legal and business environment. It is not by chance because we are continously monitored as we are a financial enterprise.We do not only fulfil the applicable regulations in every respect, but we also have an EU-licence that makes the difference.

Apply for a bank card and use it anywhere you want

Apply for a card and bring the best out of it! When you have exchanged your cryptocurrency for FIAT, you can pay by FIAT anywhere in the the world using MasterCard which you can apply for in our company (online shopping, POS, ATM).

Wallet service

You are given tremendous opportunities in depositing cryptocurrencies. We are pleased to be able to help you with depositing your FIAT exchanged by bank card, in cash and by withdrawal from a bank account. Rush happily and calmly towards cryptocurrencies. Our automated system and our services provide you with the highest-possible level of predictability.
Ask questions or express your opinion, you will always get a professional reply to your feedback. You can contact our customer service under [email protected], You will get a reply within 24 hours.

Insurance: safety and comfort

You can sell and buy in an economical and predictable way, because our insurance will protect you: Although it is almost impossible that nasty surprises occur in our automated system, but if there is an unexpected event anyhow, the insurance company of our software service provider will be liable for the money you have deposited in our system. You can sleep without stress, your money is in good hands.

Launch the exchange process using a bank card

As if you paid in a webshop! With your bank card, you can launch an immediate exchange. You don’t have to bother with time-consuming and troubling bank transfers. It is simple and quick like everything in our system.


BitPadre is available to you every day of the week, NON-STOP. Whenever you need to change, you can do it extra fast with us without waiting.

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After registration, you can set the purchase limits in your account.

2. You can start the quick and safe sale/purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Choose the right currency, pay by bank transfer for purchasing; or we will transfer the FIAT to your bank account as soon as  you have sold your coins

3. Ask for transferring the money to your cryptowallet in order to make the process more smooth

Did you know that you can have a cryptowallet with us?